What If Just One Day Is All It Took To Take Your Fitness Business To The Next Level…

I will be holding a 1 day Workshop in Boston for Fitness Professionals to learn how to get leads, make sales, understand marketing on a deeper level and build a passive income stream where you can make money why you sleep.

Why can I teach you this? Because I have done it, and continue to do it with my 4 facilities, and teach others how to do it across 7 different countries. Join me for this one day seminar that is Guaranteed to take your business to a level you never thought existed.

Who Is This For?

This is for those Fitness Professionals who want to share their business with the world. You get great results, you love changing lives but you want to help even more people and make even more money.

You want to get your message out; but how?

You don’t want to live pay cheque to pay cheque, wondering when your lucky break will come. You know that you can be a success, you just need a little guidance from someone who’s been there and done that.

You know that if you could achieve a consistent flow of leads, coming in, every day, that you will help your customers and achieve your financial freedom. If you are ready, ready to make a change, and have that urging drive to succeed then this is for you.

In our 1 day seminar you will learn:

  • Create Your Simplified Elegant Business Model to give you multiple streams of income
  • Package Your Product so you can charge higher prices
  • Determining Your Niche
  • Understanding how to create a fool proof Marketing Plan
  • Learn “Sell Like A Boss” Techniques
  • Plan Out Industry Expert Strategy
  • Learn the strategies to hold retreats and seminars to make more money in less time
  • Understand the exact way to set up an online income and create a passive income while you sleep

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Workshop Date: 16th November 2013

Workshop Time: 9am-4pm

Location: Boston (Location TBA)

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Billy Shortt


Jonas Deffes

New Orleans


 Josh George






This is the point where I make you feel comfortable about coming to the workshop by giving you a guarantee. The information provided in the 1 day workshop will not only bring a flood of leads into your business but also refine your systems, so you can work less hours and make more money.

If you come along to the seminar and don’t make $1000 back in the next 21 days prior to finishing the event I personally will pay you $200 for wasting your time. That’s correct you make 2 times the amount you paid for the event if you don’t make 10 times your investment in the 21 days after the event.


PS – If  you are on the fence contemplating coming to the event as you may have been promised the world in the past by workshops and they never delivered. I guarantee you this workshop is nothing like you have never been to and I guarantee that with my word. If at the end of the workshop, you simply aren’t happy with what you learnt, ask me for $200 cash for wasting your time and I will pay you there and then.